Matthew Cuschieri is a designer and artist from New Jersey. He is currently pursuing a BFA at RISD, majoring in graphic design and painting.
Previously he worked for Brian Belott and Ben La Rocco as a studio intern. He was recently invited to attend Anderson Ranch Arts Center, was featured in New American Paintings no. 152, the College Hill Independent, and exhibited in the Gelman Gallery (Memories and How We Hold Them) and Online Playroom (Love is in the Air).

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The form itself gives way to ease of input from other members which was necessary when working on the web aspect as experience with web-based project was limited for some members. The book allows various iterations of ‘holding’ to take place, items hold other items, the book holds pages, and ultimately the hand holds the book. The project takes part in the RISD Design Studio Lexicon which can be found here

, Noto Sans, 35 pages, Following a collaboration with two other students (Jenny and Kaku) a unique bookform was made to correspond with a splitpane studio website. 2022

proposed identity project for a theoretical speaker series at the Kunstwhalle Museum, 2021

Typically a heavily illustrated book, heavy footnotes line many of the margins of the book. One off cliffnotes or information on invididuals (appearance) harken back to the book’s theme.

by Peter Mendelsund, Univers, Adobe Caslon Pro, Swiss Binding 76pg, 2022


Series of proposed posters denoting small pop-up events, 2021

Exploring modes of defining and visualizing the term ‘human infrastructure’

From Forward: “In the advent of the first half of Joe Biden’s New Deal passing through the House, federal/bipartisan recognition of future hypercities is displayed. Many experts proclaim this realignment of American industry as key to the US growing economic competition with China. Biden himself has stated he wants to position America to compete against China and other rivals in the race to build and dominate industries of the future, like semiconductors and advanced batteries. Furthering this is Biden’s investment into ‘Human Capital’ or ‘Human Infrastructure’ which is a strong tangent from traditional ‘Concrete Infrastructure’.
The current declaration reads: “Intangible forms of infrastructure will reshape the American industrial landscape.””

, Public Sans, 35 pages, publication curating essays and creating illustrations denoting the topic of human infrastructure, 2021

Project 1
HTML, CSS (JavaScript) Traversable calendar, indexing the year in micro and macro variations. As one clicks through the calendar views of time are magnified and minimized.

Project 2
HTML, CSS Semiotic Square Index, Malleable index that is sortable through resizing the browser window. Similar to a physical filing cabinet. Uses the structure of the semiotic square to explore the terms displayed in the center of the square.

Project 3
HTML, CSS (JavaScript, P5) Semiotic Flower composition generator. Using the symbol of the flower, circles are broken down, resized and moved around to arrange graphic compositions.

projects, 2021


Holocaust Memorial Museum Informational poster. It displays historical information on Ralph Appelbaum and the Holocaust Memorial Museum, 2021

Illustration, Illustrator, Plexiglass, 2022


Infographic showing housing trends in Norwood, NJ in correlation to NYC, 2020

Tokyo Biennale Artist Catalog, 99 pages, URW DIN, Bodoni 72, catalog of artists and artworks displayed in Tokyo Biennale, 2020

Providence Paintings, 2020

Norwood Paintings, 2019-2020